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Immy - Guitar Student

Callum is a great guitar teacher. Making useful and detailed  resources for the lesson, setting tasks developing in speed for accuracy in performance. He's kind and really cares, which makes for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I'd highly recommend!

Manvir - Guitar Student

Callum teaches his lessons in a fun, interesting and engaging way no matter if it's a topic you wouldn't usually study. What I like about his lessons the most is his ways of explaining aspects of music such as theory, in a way which is easily understandable, straightforward and less complicated.

Rory - Professional Drummer & Teacher

Over the years I have worked with Callum, I have always been impressed with his professionalism. As a teacher his students always left with a smile on their faces and buzzing with enthusiasm. He is reliable, patient, knowledgeable and kind. As a player, Callum is just as dedicated, his natural feel for any style he comes across has always made him first on my list when I need a guitarist.


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