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How does the course work?

Always considered starting guitar but never started? Thinking of the perfect gift for someone?

Join a 5 week online guitar course with other likeminded aspiring guitar players, giving you the kickstart you need so that you will be able to play at the end of the 5 week course. At a great price of £49.99, this can be a great gift to go alongside a new guitar, or a surprise gift for someone.



The lessons are online based via zoom where the group lessons will be held. These lessons are 40 minutes once per week, with online folders for lesson resources.


What you need

- Guitar

- Computer with zoom

- Guitar Tuner

- Plectrum


When will the course be held

The next 5 week course for new enrollers will take place on these dates:

07/01/2024 12pm (GMT)

14/01/2024 12pm (GMT)

21/04/2024 12pm (GMT)

28/01/2024 12pm (GMT)

04/02/2024 12pm (GMT)


Pre, During and Post lesson

Before your course starts, you will receive a video helping with tuning the guitar and how to sit, so you are ready and prepared to start each weeks lesson.

During, this will be a 40 minute call where we will learn among like minded aspiring guitar players!

After, you go and practice what you have learnt with the lesson resources provided!

Gift for someone else?

You can request to have a gift voucher which can be printed out!


Who is this aimed for?

Anyone of any age who has always wanted to start guitar. For much younger students, it may be recommended to have a parent present to help with setting up, and with accessing the lesson materials

What if I can't make a lesson?

If you're unfortunately unable to attend a lesson, this cannot be refunded. However, the group call will be recorded so you can watch it back, which will be in that specific lesson folder on google drive.

How do I receive the zoom class and resources?

You will receive the zoom link via email the day before the group class, and the resources you will receive also via email on the day.

How do I pay?

You will receive an invoice upon confirming your place and payment will be to be made via bank transfer. You have 7 days from purchase to be eligible for a full refund. You cannot be refunded from 06/01/24.

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Secure your slot now for £49.99 before Christmas and the end of the year! Limited Space!

Online Guitar Course

5 Week Beginner Group Guitar Course

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